Opening a restaurant is not only based on the definition of a unifying concept, which you will use in your menu as well as in your decoration, including the name of your brand. 

Your success also depends on the location of your establishment and the choice of real estate

Rely on consumer trends to open your own restaurant.

If you don’t already have a clear idea of the type of restaurant you want to open, you should know that the trend today is towards healthy and environmentally friendly cooking. In this approach, the creative use of waste is developing, while the hunt is still on for gluten and sugar.

Another solution for creating your restaurant: you can also be inspired by a concept that has proven itself abroad, or simply observe the offer and identify a possible niche to take.

Prepare the opening of your restaurant on the basis of a market study.

As with any business creation project, it is essential to test the strength of your idea by confronting it with reality. This is the role of market research, which you can double up with a field survey (by testing the competition yourself, by asking shopkeepers about the dynamics of the neighbourhood…).

Find the right location to open your restaurant

The ideal location actually depends on your restaurant project. For example:

you can opt for a lively and busy street, especially for tourists: this high visibility is an undeniable asset when launching your restaurant and will allow you to open all year round. The counterpart: you are in direct competition with other restaurants;

You are betting on a less exposed location: the take-off of your business may take longer, but it is an opportunity to build loyalty among customers living in the area, and even beyond if your concept is convincing;

you choose an industrial or office zone: you are targeting a clientele of workers, in order to open especially at midday.

In any case, certain criteria are essential when setting up your restaurant:   

your establishment, your type of cuisine and the prices offered must be in line with the real expectations of the local clientele;  

the location must be easily accessible and well served, particularly by public transport,

customers and suppliers can easily park close to your establishment,

the journey from your personal home is unconstrained.

Evaluate the surface area needed to open your restaurant, and beyond

To work in good conditions, it is important to evaluate your needs in terms of surface area. Indeed, you must take into account :

the dining room;

the kitchen itself;

but also all the annexes that are essential to the running of your restaurant: the storage area (for food, equipment…), the areas reserved for staff (cloakroom, toilets…) and customers (reception, toilets…), a work office…

Remember to take your needs into account when you open the restaurant but also in the future: is your premises adapted to your development plan?

Anticipate the expenses necessary for the opening of your restaurant.

In order to control the budget allocated to the creation of your restaurant, take stock of the work that needs to be done:

Does the premises comply with the standards for establishments open to the public?

Does it have a sufficiently large window display?

Is it compatible with the style of restaurant you intend to create?

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